About ccema

CCEMA provides an informal framework for a global multi-stakeholder partnership on climate change, environment and migration. CCEMA aims to bring together representatives of all the key constituencies - migration, the environment, humanitarian, development and academia, inter-governmental and non-governmental.


The major aim of CCEMA is to mainstream the environmental and climate change considerations into the migration management policies and practice and to also bring migration issues into the world’s on-going environmental and climate change discourse. The alliance provides a platform for interdisciplinary broad-based regional, international, and global collaboration and coordination to:

  • Raise policy and public awareness of the need for concerted action to address the challenges and realize the opportunities presented by the climate change, environmental degradation and migration nexus.

  • Improve the knowledge base of the complex relationships between climate change environmental degradation and migration in terms of cause and consequence, long-term as well as short-term patterns. This will be achieved through, inter alia, gathering, compiling and making available the latest information on these issues relevant to policy and practice, and developing innovative research approaches.

  • Provide a neutral and open forum for policy dialogue to identify and discuss major cross-cutting issues in the field of climate change, environment and migration. The Alliance will bring together policymakers and practitioners from multiple fields and different constituencies to contribute to a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities this nexus presents. The Alliance platform will strengthen cooperative mechanisms among governments and other key stakeholders to comprehensively and effectively address environmental change and migration.

  • Provide practical support to the most vulnerable countries and population groups through building the capacity of governments and other stakeholders to respond effectively to the challenges presented by the climate change, environmental degradation and migration nexus. The Alliance encourages policy coherence among these and other relevant domains, identifying success stories and evaluating solutions applied in a variety of settings such as disaster management, migration and environmental management, and emergency displacement and resettlement. The Alliance serves as a catalyst for new projects and innovative ideas which take into account existing initiatives and partnerships in order to avoid duplication of effort.


The structure of the CCEMA is intended to reflect its broad-based, inclusive, cross-cutting aims. The structure is intended to be flexible and to enable the effective pursuit of its key objectives.

The governance and management structures of the CCEMA include:

Support for the Coordinating Unit of the Alliance will be provided to the CCEMA by IOM.